Why Sugar Is Not Sweet For Your Skin

sugar covered lipsSugar is one of the most common ingredients in any kitchen and it is in most of the foods we eat and drink. While sugar makes food taste so good, it has far reaching side effects on your skin. Sugar is the leading cause of that sagging skin you hate seeing in the mirror.

We are going to take a tour on, the different side effects that sugar has on your body.

With high sugar intake, the body reacts by forming inflammations, causing blood glucose to crush and spike. These inflammations attach themselves on the protein fibers’, and as a result the skin reacts by sagging because these protein fibers’ are the ones, which deal with repair of the worn out tissues and can not perform this vital function with the inflammations attached to them. In addition, skin losses its luster becoming brittle and flaky.

Due to the inflammations which attach themselves on collagen, you are susceptible to various diseases like cancer, Alzheimer disease, heart conditions and vein problems. Because the skin vital support structure, collagen cannot perform its protective function fully. With increased intake of sugar, the more Glycation or in other words, Advanced Glycation End Products and at times known as AGES, your body produces, this speeds up the process of aging and by the time you hit your mid thirties, your skin will begin to show signs of premature aging characterized with a duller complexion and wrinkles and the formation of AGES will accelerate as years go by.

As much as your body needs energy, you should cut down on the amount of your daily sugar intake. Weight gain can result from having high levels of sugar, consequently resulting in excess fats stored in the body, excess weight causes the internal organs to strain in performing their functions, hence the life expectancy is shortened by accelerated aging, and this aging will be visible on your skin.

The most common problem associated with high blood glucose is diabetes, which comes as a result of high sugar intake in the body, leading to insulin resistance, then the onset of diabetes. Diabetes is an avenue for fatal diseases like circulatory problems, heart disease and at times, it affects even the eyesight. Due to the high levels of blood glucose, this binds other important proteins causing them to be rigid. Leading to tendons, arteries, lungs that have presence of collagen to be more rigid, collagen 3 present in the body also gets affected, hence many people with diabetes age prematurely because of the toll it takes from lack of collagen.

If you want to have a supple, smooth, healthy skin once again, it is advisable to cut down on the sugar intake in your diet, and replace it with natural sugar from fruits, sugarcane, whole grain and honey. If your skin is already showing signs of damage, then you can help treat some of these conditions by using high quality anti-aging products. The combination of modifying your diet and properly treating your skin will allow you to get the good looking skin that you desire.

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