The Secrets of Celebrities to “Cheat” Their Age

The Secrets of Celebrities to "Cheat" Their AgeCelebrities look stunning from head to toe. Most of the time, a lot of people are shocked when they reveal how old they really are because these stars certainly do not look anything like their age.

Well, apart from the very pricey procedures they put themselves to every now and then, the brightest stars in the biz also have some anti-aging secrets that the average Joe can put to use too. Here are five of today’s biggest celebrities and their secrets on how they could cheat their age:

Nicole Kidman

Believe it or not, this Aussie actress is 43 years old. Plus, would you believe that she’s actually a cancer survivor? Nicole Kidman used to have skin cancer on her leg. Apart from being very particular with the skin care products she uses right after her battle with cancer, she reveals that she’s a sunscreen addict — she diligently makes sure that she keeps her porcelain skin safe from possible sun damage through using sunscreen.

Demi Moore

The former Mrs. Kutcher is actually already 47, but she definitely doesn’t look like it. For Demi, anti-aging regimens is very important and she would go all out for them. Would you believe that she even tried to detoxify herself with Australian leeches? After giving up that out of the box approach, she currently goes on a special diet and pairs it with the classic — cleansing and moisturizing.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has always been one of most in demand men since he started his career. Who would ever think that this hot guy is already 50? Yes, he is 50 but he can surely pass off as someone in his early 30’s. How does Tom Cruise stay young-looking? Well, Tom believes that a healthy lifestyle is key to preserve one’s youth. Being a strong follower of Scientology, Tom Cruise strongly advocates detoxfication by natural means. Moreover, he has never ever gone through any invasive and non-invasive procedures in order to combat the anti aging process.

His secret skin regimen — nightingale feces. Oh yes — bird poop. Tom Cruise revealed that he gets regular facials that make use of a special formulation made from nightingale feces.

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell’s anti-aging secret doesn’t seem to be much of a secret since he goes through almost any commercial procedure he can get his hands on. Well generally speaking, his secret to looking young is “money”. Why? Because Simon Cowell spends so much on botox — that’s six doses in a month.

Apart from the botox, he also gets a regular colon irrigation. It doesn’t stop there; the showbiz persona also has regular doses of intravenous vitamins. Then, there’s his very expensive “youth diet” that includes a daily smoothie of exotic plants, and many more.

Paula Abdul

On the flip side, Paula Abdul’s regimen is no way anything extreme like that of Simon Cowell’s. Not many people know it, but Paula is actually 50. How does she stay young-looking? First off, Paula makes sure to have a regular serving of her “green drink”. It is a nutrient-dense beverage made from spinach, avocado, kale, hemp seeds, chia seeds, banana, apple and coconut water.

Apart from the one of a kind beverage, she also snacks on pomegranate seeds. Then, there are of course anti-aging supplements and creams that she uses on a daily basis. Paula is such a fan of Life Cell Anti Aging Cream, and she confesses that she cannot live a day without putting on sunblock or moisturizers.

Can You Stay As Young Looking Like the Stars?

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