Plastic Surgery: When is it Too Much?

Plastic Surgery When is it Too MuchPlastic surgery is a rapidly growing industry. What initially started as a purely medical procedure to cure cleft lips, scars and burnt skin has now become a multi-billion dollar industry that spans the globe. People now go to plastic surgery clinics in order to rectify any facial imperfections.

If you are interested in getting any plastic surgery, you have to understand that you really should make sure that you want it. Getting some plastic surgery on a whim may led you to regret your decision.

Getting the Right Doctors

There are many reputable plastic surgeons that often require their clients to undergo a psychological evaluation before they even start talking about plastic surgery. These are the doctors that you should go to. These surgeons are more concerned about your general happiness rather than the money they can make off of you.

You have to understand that plastic surgery is often a “wants based” procedure. There really is no such thing as “needing” plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery: All About Knowing What You Want

Because it is a “wants based procedure”, you should always focus on what you want. This means before you actually go to a plastic surgery clinic, you already have a concrete idea of what to fix in your face. Going to a plastic surgeon when you have no idea of what you want may result to you getting too many surgical procedures than you care to count.

There are many unscrupulous surgeons that often do an upsell. Clients who come for a basic nose lift will be offered other surgical procedures for a lower price. It is not common to hear stories of surgeons working for 10 hours doing multiple procedures on a client.

Why Do People Overdo It?

There are two general reasons why people end up getting too much surgery. Firstly, they get plastic surgery for the wrong reasons. Secondly, they suffer from a condition known as body dysmorphic disorder.

If you get plastic surgery because you think your facial imperfection is the reason why you are not successful in life, then you will continue to blame every future problem you have to your face. This will force you to continue getting plastic surgery to the point that you no longer look human.

Getting plastic surgery because you read that your favorite movie start did the same procedure is also a bad reason. This is because very time your idol gets a procedure, you might end up getting the same one yourself.

Having a body dysmorphic disorder will force you to continue getting procedures nonstop. This is the main reason why reputable surgeons require their clients to undergo psychological evaluation. This way, they won’t be enablers to the disorders of the patient.

Stick to What You Want

Knowing what you want is the best way to control your plastic surgery urges. If you just want a noselift, go talk to your doctor for just that procedure.

If the doctor tries to upsell you, then you should look for a different surgeon. This way, you won’t get too much surgery. This helps both your physical attributes as well as your finances.

Should You Go Under the Knife?

Should you go through plastic surgery or should you opt for other alternatives on how look younger? The answer all depends on you. Of course, most experts would often recommend to go about this by natural means (e.g. organic skin care).

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