Organic Skin Care: Any Truth Behind The Hype?

Organic Skin CareOrganic skin care is growing in popularity in the beauty and wellness industry.  This is because it claims a lot of potential benefits and minimal drawbacks. In the day and age where anything with chemicals is automatically viewed upon in a very negative manner, organic products are rising in popularity. However, how sure are we that organic skin products actually deliver on their claims?

While some of the top rated skin care products, like LifeCell Anti Aging Cream, are already made from all natural products is there any added benefit to purchasing organic skin care products? Are organic products actually better than commercial skin care products or is it all just hype and buzz?

What are the benefits of going organic?

Here is a short list of claims that organic skin care products make. Most of these claims have been confirmed to have some substance.

  • One of the main reasons why many people opt to use organic products is the fact that it has lesser side effects. They say that if you want to look good, then you should be willing to undergo anything that comes with looking good but with organic products, you do not have to worry a single thing about side effects.
  • The best thing about organic products is the fact that it uses all natural ingredients. Most of the ingredients would come from fruits so you would know that you are not hurting your skin. No harmful chemical ingredients which means that you would have beautiful skin without having to worry about any chemical reactions that might damage your skin.
  • If you use organic products, you do not only keep your skin healthy and free from chemicals but you are also helping the environment. This simply means that you are not contributing any harm to our mother nature so you are doing great in saving the environment.
  • Using organic products is definitely beneficial for the skin since it uses all natural ingredients which could help nourish the skin and moisturize it properly so you can get rid of dryness which could result to skin aging.
  • If you are using organic products, it simply means that you provide your skin with the best nourishment. Organic products are easily absorbed by the skin so you would surely see the difference of having a healthy glow, well-moisturized, younger looking and most of all, you get to enjoy having supple skin.
  • When you get rid of products that contain chemicals, it also means that you prevent your skin from being infected with other diseases. You would no longer have to worry about having skin irritation so be sure to stick with organic products only.
  • Using organic products are more effective as compared to chemically made products. You get to have beautiful skin without thinking about the dangers of the chemicals that you would put on your face.
  • You also get to help the many farmers who pick the freshest ingredients that are used in concocting the best products that could provide us with healthy skin.
  • You no longer have to worry about synthetic ingredients which can sometimes cause minor irritations to people who have very sensitive skin.
  • Organic products are known to help rejuvenate the skin and also help in stimulating cell growth.
  • It is safe to use for longer periods of time since these products do not contain any harmful substance that could cause damage to your skin.
  • It helps our skin to function properly from inside and out thereby giving us a healthy glow at all times.

Our Thoughts:

There are many in this list of claims that commercial skin care products can also claim. Skin absorption is a factor of the formulation of the product. This means commercial products can also be easily absorbed by the skin. Aside from this, skin rejuvenation is also something that commercial products can do. You have to understand that beauty products undergo extreme testing in order to be deemed safe to the public.

Organic skin care products do not have a monopoly on the system. You can still use commercial products to get healthy skin, a beautiful glow, a wrinkle free complexion and a very healthy look. With regards to the long term effects, you have to realize that commercial products exist longer than organic products. At the bottom line, using organic or commercial free products all depends on your preference as well as the advise of your dermatologist.

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