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The Anti-Aging Diet

Hungry BabyThe rising concern for heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, and other debilitating conditions have pushed health regulators all over the globe to promote a healthier lifestyle. This would include passing stricter regulations to lower down the mortality rate. Life is indeed precious and having healthy practices, including a healthy diet can surely prolong one’s life.

But eating healthy has also other benefits to a person and some healthy diet can help in the sense that it has an anti-aging effect. Below is a short list of some of the food found out to have anti aging effects.


Nuts are high in fat and they are one of the top reasons that many individuals avoid it. Well, what they fail to understand is that it contains fatty acids that help reduce high blood pressure and helps lower down cholesterol by about 20 percent. The best part is that the type of fatty acids that are present in nuts are among the healthiest one could find. So think again.

Fruits and Vegetables That Have Vibrant Colors

Deep red tomatoes, carrots, leafy green vegetables, and blueberries have powerful antioxidants that help stop free radicals from damaging those healthy cells in our body. Fruits and vegetables can greatly help reduce the risk for certain diseases like heart diseases, cancer, and even diabetes. They also play an important role in slowing down the aging process like muscular degeneration or having skin wrinkles.


It has been proven in many studies that fish oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Salmons, tuna, and trout are good sources of such a fatty acid. Omega 3 fatty acids reduce a person’s risk from Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and other heart diseases. So never forget to include this on your diet.

Whole Grains

Brown rice, wheat, oats, and barley are good for the body and must be part of everyone’s diet. Whole grains can help lower your chances of acquiring type 2 diabetes and helps your blood vessels become more healthy.

Lentils and Beans

One of the good things about lentils and beans is that it is not only very much affordable but it is highly rich in protein. They are very easy to cook and is a great alternative to red meat for your protein source. Learn two or more menus that involve these alternative protein sources.


Osteoporosis is a common problem among older individuals but this can be avoided. What one needs is to prepare for the future by having stronger bones. This could be achieved by having a regular dose of dairy products. They are rich in protein, plus vitamin D fortified which are essential in having stronger bones.

These are just some of the many other foodstuff that come with an anti-aging effect. If you’d like to know more options, you can click here. Of course, if you’re not totally sold with settling for this sort of diet to combat the aging process, you can always use commercial anti-aging products too.

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