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8 Foods to Feed Your Youth

8 Foods to Feed Your YouthThere are so many men and women who are pretty serious about trying to maintain their youthfulness. Aging can be considered as such a huge bane, and no one wants to look at themselves in the mirror looking all wrinkled and tired. That’s why a lot of people invest in anti-aging products like those from Kollagen, LifeCell, and many more.

However, the aging process becomes a lot faster if people don’t take the time to eat the right kinds of foods. There are surely a lot of grub that are filled with antioxidants that can keep the skin feeling and looking young. Below are just a few of them.

1. Green, leafy vegetables

So many experts have long promoted the consumption of leafy greens, despite it sounding so cliché. However, these foods contain a lot of essential nutrients which can improve bone density, prevent deficiencies in the human body and reduce possibilities of eye problems relating to the aging process.

2. Apricots

This tiny fruit looks rather timid on the outside, but it’s actually filled with a lot of anti aging nutrients, especially carotenoids. Carotenoids are highly powerful antioxidants which can eliminate the risk of a person suffering from heart problems as well as give the body protection from cancerous cells.

3. Berries

A lot of scientists have discovered that berries actually contain so many antioxidants, and also possess phytochemicals. Apart from that, color pigments known as anthocyanins found in these berries can also lower the risk of cancer development, poor urinary tract functionality as well fast aging.

4. Olive oil

There’s a very good reason why Italians have been recognized as having long and healthy lifespans, and it’s got to do with their frequent use of olive oil. It is filled with omega-3 fatty acids which can keep one’s heart healthy as well as lower cholesterol levels.

5. Wild Alaskan salmon

Wild salmon packs quite a punch with the number of antioxidants present. It will improve the complexion of one’s skin, allowing it to emit such a radiant and healthy glow.

6. Tomatoes

Based on t he studies conducted by German researchers, tomato can provide the skin with proper protection, thanks to lycopene. This allows people to acquire sufficient defense from the damage caused by the sun, which would then lead to wrinkles developing on their skin.

7. Raw almonds

Almonds have a lot of vitamins, which allows people to become more agile and flexible. Their muscles and nerves would be rid of any free radicals.

8. Avocado

Containing omega 3 fatty acids of the highest quality, avocado is a good alkalizing food. It also has tons of Vitamin E for wrinkle-free and glowing skin, as well as shiny & radiant hair.

These are just eight of the many other foods that can help you have that vibrant youthful glow. Do you know of any other healthy regimens? Share it with us!

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