6 Insider Inexpensive Beauty Tricks

beauty secretsMoney is not easy to come by these days, but then that’s not an excuse to not your very best. Truth is beauty secrets do not necessarily need to be expensive. There are a lot of beauty tricks that can help you attain that perfect look and they’re budget friendly too. These sometimes do not even involve getting new stuff just to look good.
Here are a couple of tips to get that radiant youthful glow without necessarily spending a whole lot:

Work with What You Have

What many people don’t know is that you don’t necessarily need to buy new stuff. Like for example, make-up brushes; make-up brushes of good quality can last for a very long time if you learn how to take care of them. What you need to do is to regularly wash them with shampoo or mild detergent on a regular basis. After washing place your brushes flat on a paper towel to dry them. Avoid placing them directly on the cup on an upright position for water might damage the base in the long run.

Re-do the Right Way

You don’t need to repeatedly do make-up or get it done by a professional at the salon just to make sure it stays. If you opt to refresh your make-up, it is important that you do it right. In this way you arrive at the best result possible. So what you need is a toner, a tissue, and loose powder. Mist lightly some toner on your face, pat the toner with tissue, and use the loose powder to provide it with a smooth finish by dusting it on your face.

Spa at Home

Going to the spa does not come cheap. But whoever said you can’t have the spa treatments like those body scrubs at home? This will save you some cash for other more important need without compromising how you look. Before taking a warm shower mix two parts of salt with one part of olive oil and essential oils of a few drops. Apply this on your skin and you will arrive with the same results as going to the spa.

Getting Lips that are Simply Irresistible

Luscious and plump lips seem to be the trend among youngsters these days. You can get that too without spending so much for something like collagen injectibles. What you will need in this are some vanilla extract, olive oil, and sugar. Mix equal parts of this ingredient and place it on your lips. Rub gently the mixture on your lips for a few seconds then remove it with tissue before placing your lipstick. Well of course, you can also opt to purchase one of those commercial lip plumpers since they are also affordable.

Save on Lipstick

Study shows that lipstick is one of the cosmetics that women purchase very often, and it’s because lipstick is the most used beauty product. One of the most effective and simple way to save on lipstick is to limit retouches. One can easily achieve this by dusting a tissue with powder. Press the tissue gently on your lips.

Be Resourceful

Yes, perhaps the easiest and fastest way to get the youthful glow is by means of surgical and non-invasive procedures. Then again, why resort to these when there are anti-aging creams and anti-aging supplements available as an alternative?

As you can see, you can get that youthful glow without hurting your wallet. Do you have beauty secrets to share? Let us know, we’d love to hear it!

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