The 5-Step Anti Aging Formula

The 5-Step Anti Aging FormulaAging is inevitable, that’s a fact. But then, though it cannot be reversed, the signs of aging can be minimized. Surely you have heard about other people using even up to 10 products all at once. But the question is — do you really need a pile of supplements, creams, lotions, and to even spend so much for high end procedures just to have that youthful glow? The answer is no — you can still have that youthful glow without spending too much.

One way of minimizing the evidence of aging without breaking the bank is to go about a daily routine. Here is a very simple 5-step formula you can do at the start of the day. This isn’t just tested and proven to minimize the obvious signs of the aging process, it’s also friendly to the pocket:


Thoroughly wash your face. You could wash using a facial cleanser. Plain soap is actually okay as long as you use mild and moisturizing soap or the ones that aren’t too strong and won’t make your skin dry.


Sometimes, washing isn’t enough to get all the dirt from the face; this is where cleansing comes in. Use a cleanser that’s gentle, can do a very good job removing dirt, and it ought to be one that won’t irritate or over dry your skin.


Exfoliation is the process where the “old skin” peels off and younger skin layers come out; thus – a youthful glow. Exfoliation is actually a natural process. However, the turnover slows down with age. That is why to preserve that youthfulness, you have to use products that can help you exfoliate.

When you exfoliate, keep in mind not to overdo it. In addition to that, make use of products that can make the exfoliation process as normal as possible (e.g. no obvious skin peeling patterns, etc.).


Though steps 1 to 3 can give you healthier skin, you need more “power” to combat the aging process. This is where products like the LifeCell Anti Aging Cream, Kollagen Intensive, etc. come in. These products are specially designed to bring out your “youthfulness”


Any dermatologist out there would always say “wear sunscreen” whenever they are asked about how to slow down the aging process. Rays from the sun affect our skin, and over exposure to it makes it age even faster.

The Secret to Effectively Combat Aging

As you can see, anti-aging regimens do not necessarily need to be very expensive. Take note that it is not the price or brand names of the anti aging products that can guarantee the effectiveness. The secret to effectively combat aging is diligence — being diligent to regularly go through a regimen just like the 5-step formula above.

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